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. this is fox 5 sports extra. [ music ] welcome back. the last three times maryland had a chance to start their season 3-0, west virginia played the role of spoiler. would the mountaineers be able
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to pull it off again this year. we start in the first quarter first drive second and goal at the maryland 6th. smith lobs it to austin for the td. austin the baltimore native burning them early. they take the 7-0 lead. west virginia gets the ball back and again smith to austin. the five yard score puts them up 14 on 0. to the third quarter they go the terps now down 28-0. but they are on the comeback trail. robinson goes deep and connects with tory smith for a 60-yard td pass. the terps are coming back. they are now down 28-7. still in the third the same score and it is robinson looking to go deep yet again. and guess who we have got? tory smith racks up 149 receiving yards on the day. this 80-yard td brings maryland to within two scores. it is now 28-414. under a minute to play in the third robinson is looking for the magic with smith again. but the third time is not a charm.
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he drops the pass in the end- zone. maryland never recovers. they lose 31-17. virginia tech looking to face off losses to james madison but it wasn't looking good early on. down 3-1 williams punches it in to put the pirates up 10-0. second quarter tech down 17-7. taylor drops back. has some time and hooks up with roberts for the 20-yard score and they pull to within three. number 34 ryan williams last year's acc rookie of the year gets injured on this run. he would leave the game with a hamstring injury and would not return. normally williams and evans have the carries but they used david wilson this time. down 6th and a third wilson ad one of his two td. they win 49-27. >> first of three consecutive games for the navy down 13-7.
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no triple option here. dogs lost it to john howl for the 24 five yard td. the missed extra point and we are tied at 13. third quarter tied at 23. it is the back up qb chris proctor keeps it. the dogs have been knocked out of the game after hard hits on consecutive plays. he would later return. navy wins 37-23. in other local scores, howard falls to florida a&m 50- 7. georgetown loses on the road to yale 13-45. >> and catholic loses to mcdaniel 24-14. we will be right back. 
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leading. howard's 30th homerun this season. the nationals fall to the phillies 5-2. >> elsewhere the yankees and orioles and guthrie having some trouble in the first. posada gets it into it. y wiggington's glove and out. they take the early 2-0 lead. the yankees are up 4-2 when robinson unloads on guthrie. not called the bronx bombers for nothing, folks. they win 11-3. >> it is almost time for off the wall. martin what are you and i going to discuss after the bra he can? >> how about a little controversy? 40 who should be in the locker room and who had the best week in the nfl the opening week. >> i can't wait to hear your answers. i'm sure they are wrong. stick around we are up after the break. e
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. fox 5 news is brought to you in hd by verizon fios. ;@3@b [ music ] >> welcome one, welcome all to off the wall. dave ross and martin whiz. what do we have this week? >> let's talk controversy. >> controversy with you, okay? >> yes. controversy. controversy. >> controversy. >> we will talk about the
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reporter dealing with the new york jets. >> yes. >> the female reporter who got all of the attention, negative attention from the football players. so now the question is not whether females should be in the locker room but should any press be in the locker room? >> well, i hope so or else i might be out of a job. but i will say this it is kind of interesting. they don't allow us to get to the players on the feel. after the game we can't get them. we have to get to them in the locker room. the problem is, yeah, will i will admit have you to wait getting out of the shower you they have to get dressed. michael jordan would not speak to reporters until he was fully clothed in a full suit. >> that's a problem. >> but then you are talking about 30, 40 minutes. you might lose the thrill of the moment. the heat of the movement of the ball game. we might not have gotten a sound bite from him i have a headache. >> i say nobody gets in the locker room for that very reason. you have cameras and naked players. no, no. >> no, no. >> when should we get to go in a day later?
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>> with they should set up a place for all of the players to come out into this area and let the media deal with them. >> but the problem with that whiz is you got players that don't come out. >> that means they don't want to be on camera so they can't be bothered. >> everybody has to be fully dressed. >> circle the wagons. >> speaking on how to go we have to move on to the next topic. nfl sane number one week is in the books. what team was the most impressive to you, sir? >> the tennessee titans. >> why? >> did you see vince young throwing that ball? >> vince young, really? >> the vince young the guy who i have given up on. >> you have low standards. >> it is week one. vince young was scoring 28 points. talking about the tennessee titans. >> they are playing the oakland raiders. >> you play the team on the schedule. >> we could have beaten the oakland raiders. >> they have knock to do with that. >> bring your army of martins and you could beat the oakland.
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>> houston texas was the most important. >> mr. sexy hard to get that. >> record three tds. they are loaded forbear this year. the redskins will have their hands full come sunday. >> so far shopping into the hall of fame. why play the rest of the season? >> it was one game. the question is the hall of fame is the best week one. >> exactly. >> it was not the tennessee titans. >> let's talk about who had the worst week like the jets. >> maybe next week. >> all right. >> that's it for this week on off the wall. >> all right. [ music ] >> thank you, ross and wisdom. that is all the time we have for tonight's show. thanks for letting us be a part of your weekend. and thanks to my producer and my photographer. same place and same time after the redskins beat the texans. good night, everybody.

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